Song of the Day? - I Really Wanted You

Pansy Division

Maybe you like them, maybe you don't. I'm putting this one up just 'cause the video is a Billie Joe/Mike Dirnt slide show. Dedicated to my sister Fabs!

Keep rocking, weirdo...


Blogging Comma

I've recently woken up from a blogging comma which i have suffered (at least) for the past month. I've never been in a real comma, but if it's anything like the movies you can hear people around you, recognize their voices and possibly think.

Just like that, I've been reading other people's blogs, I've recognized where the news are happening, and thought about what's going on. I just haven't been able to express myself through my blog due to several different reasons:

1. I have recently moved to France and (even more recently) started working for Atos Origin. So for the past month I've been spending a lot of time at the office, coming home late, and, well, going through (what I guess is) the usual stress of being the new guy. As if that wasn't enough to keep me from blogging...

2. I woke up one day a couple of weeks ago with two lumps on my neck, and for some time I was convinced I had cancer. They've (almost) disappeared now, I mean, they're still there, but much smaller than before so (after reading a lot on the subject), I've calmed myself down a bit. I still need to get that checked by someone though...

And (3), just when I had some free time to sit down and write, the delicate balance that keeps windows alive on my computer sort of broke down and fixing one thing crashed something else. I ended up doing a fresh install, and then wondering where (in hell) did I bury those CDs with the original drivers that came with the computer... Ahh.. Sometimes you just wanna throw them out the Windows.

Well, I guess that's my excuse. I hope I stay awake (longer) this time.

'Till the next one; carry on brothers, carry on.


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