Popa Chubby

He's fat, bald, ugly, and likes to insult people with a wave of his hand. But he's sold his soul to the devil and now plays the blues from New York.

If you watch him live, you'll become addicted to his energy; if this guy doesn't pause for a minute, he's gonna have a heart attack soon. He's put out 6 albums in the last 6 years, with no decline whatsoever quality wise.

In "Stealing the Devil's Guitar" (2006 ), some songs will remind you of ZZ Top (Virgil and Smokey), some sound a bit like Tom Waits on Get Behind The Mule, others may even remind you of The Fun Lovin' Criminals (when they're not being gay) running the drug business (Smuggler's Game). And all of them have the devil's fingerprints on his axe.

I hope you listen to my advice and pick up a copy of this man's music. And most of all, I hope you like it if you do.

In the meantime, greetings from hell.



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