Song of the Day - One more cup of coffee

I've decided to put up a "Song of the Day" section to set the mood and keep the posts coming when I haven't finished writing other posts/have nothing to write about (yikes, there, I said it).

So, by nature, these posts will be much shorter than my other posts so they'll be faster to read/write, and maybe (just maybe) allow you to discover a precious gem you may not have otherwise known.

Well, enough about that, on with today's song of the day: one more cup of coffee either by The White Stripes or by Bob Dylan, listen to both and choose for yourself.

Is there anything in One More Cup of Coffee that’s not perfect? Well yes, in the verses, the lyrics on occasion drag (“He oversees his kingdom / So no stranger does intrude / His voice it trembles as he calls out / For another plate of food”). But apart from that, the sentiment is compelling, Scarlet Rivera’s violin is beautifully scored and played, the tune is to die for, and the backing vocals are by Emmylou Harris, who you can bet is going to be here in the 5-✭ series one of these days. And while there’s not much middle ground on the subject of Dylan’s singing, if you like it, you’ll really like this song.
Ongoing - One more cup of coffee
The White Stripes' version is, well, very White Stripie... If you like them, you'll love the cover of this amazing song.

Greetings from the Svaj, and enjoy.


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