Remember the Milk

A very useful and versatile web application that aims to be your primary tool for task managing.

It's easy to add and update your tasks, enter details, share them, postpone them and toss them in the done cabinet. These are all things that any task manager can do, but this one in particular is interesting because it seamlessly integrates with other applications/technologies.

For example, you can access and manage your tasks from technologies as different as your email to your mobile phone to, evidently, your web browser. And the fact that it is a web application means that you can access your tasks from anywhere with an internet access (and if you don't have access to the internet you can also use it offline thanks to google gears and then synchronize whenever you get an internet access).

Additionally, if you are using gmail and firefox, you can install the remember the milk extension for firefox, which loads a panel on the right and seamlessly integrates your gmail contacts and calendar into your remember the milk tasks and vice versa (all thanks to greasemonkey).

Reminders span a wide range of possibilities as well. You can get them through email, sms, twitter, even instant messengers.

Well, now that you know, head over to their site, create an account (they're free) and next time you go to the supermarket... Remember the milk.


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